Hi everyone.
We have just released our 2nd iOS app in the AppStore!
Download it now while it’s free!

Happy Goals

Happy Goals

Happy Goals has been tagged as one of the Best New Apps in the following 20 countries:

Update: Now featured in 27 countries!

It is also considered as a Best New App for the Productivity Category in the US! You can see our panner in that category.
Moreover, it is featured in the Build Good Habits section of the AppStore!


As a summary of what the app does, here is the description:

See below for more screenshots.

Swipe to Decrease Goal Progress in Happy Goals

Swipe to Decrease Goal Progress

Swipe to Increase Goal Progress in Happy Goals

Swipe to Increase Goal Progress

Edit Goals in Happy Goals

Edit Goals

Reaching a Goal in Happy Goals



Happy Goals for iOS

Happy Goals for iOS

Want an app to help you track and achieve your goals, without the complex stuff, saving you from headaches? Checkout Happy Goals - Habits & Goals Tracker now in the App Store! Happy Goals has been featured in the App Store in over 32 countries. Start now, better late than never!


Thank you!

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