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Apple has released iOS 10 last September 13. With the new release come Stickers which are built right into the Messages app. Being able to use Stickers in the iOS Messages app is certainly an interesting addition to the operating system, especially to users who are actively using other messaging apps such as Line and Viber where stickers are one of the core features provided by those apps.

Along with the iOS 10 release, we released the following sticker packs to the iMessage AppStore.

1. Boo Halloween Stickers

This sticker pack includes Halloween themed stickers such as cute ghosts, a vampire, witch, mummy, ogre, spider, and many more.

2. Animal Chibi Face Stickers

This sticker pack includes lots of cute chibi animal faces, such as pig, monkey, snake, parrot, hippo, and many more!

3. Sticky Notes Stickers

This sticker pack includes yellow colored sticky notes with messages such as “Happy birthday”, “I love you”, “I miss you”, “Wow”, “Oops”, “You are special”, “Do it!”, and many more.

4. Lotsa Smileys

This sticker pack includes lots of types of smileys like pixel art, robot, alien, pastel, box, round shiny, devils and angels, and many more.

5. Stick Emoji Stickers

This sticker pack includes very cute and simple round stick emojis. This sticker pack is very popular around the world. Currently, among all our sticker packs, this is the most downloaded.

6. Stick Man Stickers

This sticker pack includes stick man emojis, plust a bonus stick dinosaur!

7. XOX Game Stickers

This sticker pack includes stickers which you can drag and drop to the iMessage screen to play the XOX (Tic-Tac-Toe) game easily, without the need of a specialized game app!

Download now while they’re hot! Enjoy!

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