Battery Joy

Battery Drainer for iOS


Time Remaining

The estimated time remaining is updated with the latest information from the device. This ensures that the time remaining shown to you is as accurate as possible.



Configure what type of drainers you want to be executed. Several drainers come with the app, including WiFi, Math, GPS, Speaker, Camera, Flashlight, and Sensors drainers. These are fine-tuned through research and trial and error, to give users the draining speed that they need.



Be notified every month to drain your battery. No need to clutter your calendar or your task list. Enable once then wait for the app to notify you the next month!


My iPhone used to constantly lose battery but after I downloaded this app it has increased its battery life. Extremely efficient.


I’m drained… 😉

I absolutely love this App! I’ve waited and waited for an App to come along for iOS that did this very thing and I finally got my wish! It works great and has a decent array of options to make it easily customizable for each user! I would recommend this App to anyone who wishes to maintain their battery! 😀

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Best App to Condition Your Battery

I tried six different ones and this one works the best.

I’m an IT professional and do this every single day. Save yourself time and frustration; use this app


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